Ornament Wreath, Flocked Red Santa, Blow Mold Kitsch, Shiny Brite, MADE TO ORDER

Ornament Wreath, Flocked Red Santa, Blow Mold Kitsch, Shiny Brite, MADE TO ORDER

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***This wreath is SOLD and Made to Order.  Caroline has the supplies on hand to make many more***

 ***Please choose the size you'd like using the price list below and contact her by emailing her through our website.  All creations will be like the original, just not exact.  They are measured from the outside of one side of the wreath to the other.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask, we'd love to hear from you! 


This is a one of a kind, handmade Christmas ornament wreath created by Caroline Michelle. She's been making these wreaths and her other creations for over 10 years and it's apparent she LOVES what she does!  This wreath is packed full of vintage and new ornaments, and it is full of kitschmas fun!!!  It can be displayed anywhere in the home and it will bring you joy for many years to come! The wreath shown here measures: 24 inches wide from one outer side to the other, but all sizes are available. 

Here is the price list for Caroline's handmade wreaths:

14 inches in diameter - $105

16 inches in diameter - $115

18 inches in diameter - $125

20 inches in diameter - $135

22 inches in diameter - $145

24 inches in diameter - $155

26 inches in diameter - $165

28 inches in diameter - $175

30 inches in diameter - $185


More about Caroline's wreaths:

These wreaths include several ornaments and vintage embellishments that are added from her very large, always growing collection.  She loves giving old ornaments and trinkets new life by using them in her wreaths. Caroline's wreaths are made with mostly vintage, but some new materials. Ornaments may show oxidation, crackling, color and silvering loss--in other words, they have aged well! Photography does not capture the beautiful luminosity and unique shine from all these ornaments all bundled together, they are amazing!

 - These wreaths are perfect for a door or hung on an interior wall.  They are the perfect focal piece for a dining room, entryway, or for displaying over a mantle.  They also look stunning hung against a large mirror or above a buffet.  They are absolutely fabulous!  These ornament wreaths are amazing for the holidays, but they would also make a great décor piece for a wedding, baby shower, wedding shower, birthday party, or any event. We know you will be even more delighted when you see your wreath in person!

- These wreaths have a very sturdy wired tinsel loop in the back for hanging.


- These wreaths are not recommended to be hung outdoors.

- These wreaths can be created in any size, for any holiday, using any color of ornaments you'd like, please contact me for specific requests.

- The wreath bases are covered in tinsel so the back is “padded” and there are no sharp ornament tops exposed.

 ***All custom "made to order" items are not returnable.  The supplies are purchased using payment received, thank you for understanding.


- These wreaths are swaddled in bubble wrap and recycled materials and shipped with USPS.

- Shipping times are only an estimate due to the fact we depend on the U.S. Postal service’s delivery times. Once the package is shipped it's in their hands. They usually do a great job!  Shipping cost also includes handling.  We ship everything via USPS, using new and recycled materials.  If you’d like to use another company, please let us know as soon as possible. 

Please Note:

- Reserved Listings will expire in 48 hrs. After the listing is published, please purchase your reserved listing prior to expiration date to receive quoted price and prompt delivery.

Please help to keep a small town artist's dream alive by continuing to seek out one of a kind, handmade creations MADE IN THE USA, Thank you!!!

***Caroline's items were designed and assembled by her for your enjoyment; they may not be copied or sold without her permission.

*** Returns are not accepted on handmade custom orders.  The supplies to make these orders are purchased with your payment.  Thank you for understanding.

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